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  1. “Manual recording will now start.” Coupled with the lead car waiting to fully change lanes at the exact moment the rear car cut over to pass him leads me to think the lead car did that on purpose. They were watching the car behind them, knew what was coming and meant to at least piss the car off. Both parties were at fault, the driver that crashed was way too aggressive and the car recording was a punk asshole causing trouble.

    1. It is called cock blocking and it is perfectly legal. Always leave two lengths between yourself and the asshole behind you.

  2. What the lead driver did was correct. He passed the slower car then safely merged over to the slow lane to allow the aggressive asshole to pass, but the aggressive asshole was too impatient, tried inappropriately to pass in the slow lane, and then gave himself a lesson in exactly why you don’t pass in the slow lane.

    1. Yep. The car with the camera was driving properly by passing and then moving over out of the passing lane. The fact that the dickhead was trying to illegally pass on the wrong side, well, it’s funny how that worked out. Fuck him.

    2. They are clearly in the inside lane at the start of the video. No matter what ficking country you’re in, the outside lane is the slow lane and the inside lane is the fast lane. And passing people on their passenger side is an dumb-ass illegal move.

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