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  1. This here is the absolute basement under the bottom of evolution. Humanoids like this mass of slant-eyed human shit have devolved to a stage that is before ape. What is even worse is that their “parents” (if they can be called that), or rather their birth pods, allow these wastes of air and water to sit in front of the screen and intentionally eject IQ points. The voting age should be lifted to 30, because 90% of those under 30 in the west are now essentially just walking, talking, screeching, parasitic amoebas.

    1. Shut the fuck up grandad and get back on your meds, or fuck off back to the 1950s, where you belong…in a mental home.

    2. You can calm down too mommas boy. Get outside and get a Job and stop sucking black kids dicks for victim sympathy points

  2. Yep another waste of time millenial. Who the fuck has time to stay up and watch this shit. Why they all work remedial
    jobs and contribute nothing to society.
    Yet social medie makes them feel important and they have a voice…yes please raise the voting age.

    1. I mean, you watched it asshole, so you must be one of these remedial job having waste of space losers that you’re talking about.

  3. People wasting time on the Internet on sites like Epic Fail talking about what losers gamers are for wasting their time. The Irony

    1. It takes 5 minutes to watch a day’s worth of fails and post troll comments. “Gamers” spend several hours a day glued to the screen. No comparison.

    2. It takes a lot more than five minutes to comment on every post, though, doesn’t it, dickhead?

    3. Well you are the only idiot I see replying to every post. Are you telling us it takes you several hours to figure out how to use “deplorable” in a sentence? ROFL

    4. epic fail is the only place they have any kind of relevance in. let them have their little fun. it’s all they probably have.

  4. in every country asians migrate to, they use their smarts to contribute massively to society.

    when they go to america, however, this happens.

    1. Yes, all Asians are super geniuses except for the ones who “migrate” to America. That’s totally it.

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