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  1. Stupid blacks. Obviously they haven’t invented fire yet, in the jungle….and as for their ridiculous white-people disguises, they aren’t fooling anyone.

    1. He may not be a n!gger, but there’ not much difference between a jigaboo and a leftard millennial. Just look at you. All of the above have horrible excuses for parents and are totally worthless to mankind. Yes MANkind! The only kind there is.

  2. ah the common american male. a very encountering species. it’s only vocabulary are shit, fuck, ok, nice and oh. not always the smartest one in the bunch, you can see one specimen here acting out it’s normal behavior.

    do refrain from insulting them though as they will bloat their red necks and spit vocabulary feces unto you.

    1. here we see the american male, flinging it’s vocabulary feces at people. better to bring a raincoat when talking to american males.

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