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  1. Enjoy this time in school Tyrone, it will be the best of your life. Out here in the real world we won’t hire your dumb smelly ass.

  2. I hire nlggers just to prove a point to the rest of the employees who whine that everyone is equal. I make sure they work for the most whiney for a month or two and then watch them squirm as they beg me to fire them or at least move them to another department. Best way to teach a lesson and administer anti-nlgger vaccine.

    1. Lol, in your dreams, dickhead. How many people does your racist, ignorant ass hire from your Mom’s basement?

  3. Lol. Love all the haters. He the only male (black male) in a class full of 15 thirsty white girls…. Hes probably already nailed half them. And has the other half lined up. It was all luck but i say cool. Laugh at the haters tyrone. Lol0

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