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  1. The future of all western civilization… if you can call that shit a civilization anymore, in one internet posting. I’d say that this is sad, but actually it’s great. This and the millions of similar examples like it guarantee 100% that ‘Murica and its vassals are done. Can’t wait to pop the champagne!

    1. Doesnt it get old having a heart full of hate and jealousy? We get it. You live in a 3rd world shit hole and the only way to feel better about yourself is to spew hate on a fail website. Take in this piece of advice…. “if the grass is greener on the other side… Try watering your own grass”

    2. Lol. Oh i get it now. The one who constantly critisizes american gun laws, but lives in a cuntry where over 130 were killed and 400 injured in one night by illegal guns. Lol. Speaks volumes.

    3. That’s right, dickhead, we are all so jealous of America having the highest rate of gun deaths per capita in the entire western world and your high rates of violent crime. We are also jealous of the US being number 1 in the industrialised world for;
      • The worst performance in math for high schoolers.
      • Most obese population
      • Most expensive healthcare by procedure
      • Least access to healthcare
      • Worst outcomes for healthcare (except cancer)
      • Lowest voter turnout
      • Lowest access to the polls (and declining)
      • Least democratic based on unequal voting rights (Freedom House and Bright Line Watch survey)
      • Biggest gap between rich and poor
      • Fastest growing gap between rich and poor
      • Highest rate of child poverty
      • Highest rate of incarceration per capita (higher than North Korea, Iran and China, combined)

      I’m green with envy.

    4. Americans are so stoopid and simple minded lol.

      Now anyone who criticizes stoopid Americans is called “ralf”. What a bunch of morons.

    5. Besides, 130 killed is considered a tranquil weekend in the US. But nice try.

    6. hahahahaha, copying and pasting your list of made up “facts” over and over won’t make them true.

      We call you Ralf because that’s your name. Your posts are incredibly easy to spot. You always bitch about the same things using the same writing style. Nice try.