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  1. The future of all western civilization… if you can call that shit a civilization anymore, in one internet posting. I’d say that this is sad, but actually it’s great. This and the millions of similar examples like it guarantee 100% that ‘Murica and its vassals are done. Can’t wait to pop the champagne!

    1. Doesnt it get old having a heart full of hate and jealousy? We get it. You live in a 3rd world shit hole and the only way to feel better about yourself is to spew hate on a fail website. Take in this piece of advice…. “if the grass is greener on the other side… Try watering your own grass”

    2. Lol. Oh i get it now. The one who constantly critisizes american gun laws, but lives in a cuntry where over 130 were killed and 400 injured in one night by illegal guns. Lol. Speaks volumes.

    3. That’s right, dickhead, we are all so jealous of America having the highest rate of gun deaths per capita in the entire western world and your high rates of violent crime. We are also jealous of the US being number 1 in the industrialised world for;
      • The worst performance in math for high schoolers.
      • Most obese population
      • Most expensive healthcare by procedure
      • Least access to healthcare
      • Worst outcomes for healthcare (except cancer)
      • Lowest voter turnout
      • Lowest access to the polls (and declining)
      • Least democratic based on unequal voting rights (Freedom House and Bright Line Watch survey)
      • Biggest gap between rich and poor
      • Fastest growing gap between rich and poor
      • Highest rate of child poverty
      • Highest rate of incarceration per capita (higher than North Korea, Iran and China, combined)

      I’m green with envy.

    4. Americans are so stoopid and simple minded lol.

      Now anyone who criticizes stoopid Americans is called “ralf”. What a bunch of morons.

    5. Besides, 130 killed is considered a tranquil weekend in the US. But nice try.

    6. hahahahaha, copying and pasting your list of made up “facts” over and over won’t make them true.

      We call you Ralf because that’s your name. Your posts are incredibly easy to spot. You always bitch about the same things using the same writing style. Nice try.

    7. Do you have short term memory loss? Already did that a couple weeks ago.

      US ranks above several other countries in voter turnout including Luxembourg, Poland, Japan, and Switzerland. (Pew Research)

      Every single state has absentee voting. Anyone can vote without leaving their house. Anyone claiming this is “lowest access” is a complete fool. (NCSL)

      US ranks above dozens of other countries in math including Greece, Argentina, Cyprus, Turkey and Thailand (that’s right, not all Asians are genuises.) And guess what….the US ranks above France in science. lulz! (PISA 2015 average scores from the OECD)

      Do I need to continue embarrassing you further?

    8. The OP is not me you dimwit lol.

      Get that through your thick american skull. There are actually multiple persons shit-posting the US here.

    9. You didn’t and still haven’t disproved anything, you dense cvnt. Reposting the same things you were wrong about last time, doesn’t make you right this time, does it genius? Let’s try again, shall we, Einstein? Now, try and follow the bouncing ball; Japan doesn’t count, as it’s not a Western nation. Switzerland voter turnout is way higher than the US when local and regional elections are included in the data (ie the Swiss participate in their democracy in far higher numbers than ‘muricans…which is exactly the point). Your statistics on Luxembourg are pure horseshit that you just made up. Luxembourg regularly gets 90% turnout. While Poland may have a low turnout, it is a legacy of being in the Eastern Bloc, which is why most former soviet countries are not counted as “western” countries.

      Once again, the “dozens” of countries that do worse than the US in math results, are not Western countries. Try and keep up.

      Like I told you before, having “absentee voting” does NOT change the fact that the US has the fastest declining rate of access to the polls of any Western nation. Sticking your head up your a$$ and refusing to acknowledge that voter suppression is a thing in the US, does not make you magically correct, because you say so, does it? There are many studies that prove you to be just plain wrong, such as those done by Freedom House (a US government funded organization that has been rating countries for eighty years).

      You seem to relish trying to find an exception here and there that means the US is not dead last in a very few of the categories I listed, just so you can be right, so, i’ma head you off at the pass and say the US is either dead last or at the very bottom of the list of every single other country in the Western world, for all those bad statistics I listed.

      Once again, just like last time, you lose.

    10. All these defensive Americans, too funny.

      Personally, I don’t care what standing the US has anywhere, 95% of Americans are retards. The rest are the ones keeping to US in the race.

    11. Actually I did…the original claim is INDUSTRIALIZED nations, not western. All of the countries I listed are industrialized, including Japan and Poland. Did you not even read what you pasted? Try and keep up. LOL!

      Please explain why you think “voter suppression” exists and “access to the polls” is declining when literally any citizen can vote by mail without leaving their home.

      You asked me to disprove one of your made up facts and I disproved three. If that’s not good enough I can keep going. Because it’s obvious you are just making shit up.

      Looks like “you lose”…ROFL

    12. Also the statistics on Luxembourg are real. Check my source. 55% voter turnout in the last election.

    13. Here’s your proof, idiot.


      Just replace (dot) with . in case you’re too stupid to realize it on your own.

    14. LOL proof of what? That’s the same source I used. There are plenty of industrialized nations below the US in every category.

    15. Try not to be hopeless cretin for once in your miserable life. You really are a thick motherfvcker, aren’t you? Once again, thinking you have proved that rather than being dead last, America is second to dead last doesn’t mean you win. Surely, you know that, right? Like I said, to head off your predictable, fatuous logic, I said America comes either last or at the bottom of the pack for almost every bad statistic, so stop your pointless, idiotic nitpicking about whether the US is dead last or second to last. Here’s the facts on voter turnout you seem determined to pretend are wrong;


      Are you actually retarded? Please list the industrialized nations that rank below the US in math, in the link your provided? Croatia? Lol.

      Here are examples of recent voter suppression in the US, most of which are the result of the supreme court striking down key provisions in the Voting Rights Act, which were designed to prevent voter suppression in mostly southern states which had a history of voter suppression. Guess what? As soon as the supreme court gutted the VRA, those states went straight back to voter suppression of black and minority votes. It is no surprise that it is almost exclusively Republican states that are doing it. Shocking.

      Voter ID laws; statistically proven that they affect disproportionately, black and minority voters.

      Purging of legitimate voters from voter rolls. Just before the 2016 election almost seven million voters -almost entirely voters of color- were purged from voter rolls in republican controlled states. On election day approximately 1.1 million voters turned up to vote to find that they had been purged.

      Limitations on early voting: In North Carolina, Republican lawmakers requested data on various voting practices, broken down by race. They then passed laws that restricted voting and registration in five different ways, all of which disproportionately affected African Americans. Among other things, they cut back on early voting. Later, the North Carolina GOP sent out a press release celebrating the decline in early voting by African Americans.

      Getting rid of same day registration.

      Removing polling stations from universities and minority districts (Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin).

      These are a few examples of voter suppression in the US. You know this doesn’t happen in any other Western country, right? And I haven’t even mentioned gerrymandering, the most undemocratic practice of voter suppression, of them all.

      So, once again, you aint proved shlt, except your willingness to embarrass yourself on the internet…again. Lol.

    16. Here’s Luxembourg’s voter turnout. You are a class one moron of the first order….and dead wrong, as usual.



    17. Blah blah blah…The more you post, the more you embarrass yourself. The fact that you are trying to change your argument only tells me that you don’t have one. As for Luxembourg, your 89.62% stat is for registered voters, not eligible voters. Turnout for eligible voters in Luxembourg for the general last election was 55.1%, below 55.7% for the US.

      Bye Felicia!

    18. lulz, I am not that other poster. PLEASE, just please get that through your dumb fucking head.

      Besides, I never said anything about industrialized nations or voter turnout, that was the other guy. That wall of text you posted? Doesn’t mean shit to me. The way I see it, if Commie Vietnam can beat you, then you fucking suck due to the fact Americans think they are smarter than everybody else (especially dirty Communists) when in fact, it’s the other way around.

      Throw a tantrum as much as you want you fucking American snowflake, you’re still a nation of mostly retards.

    19. There are only two people throwing a tantrum here, Ralf. You and the butthurt lib with his list of “facts.” I didn’t post a wall of text and I won’t, because you’re not worth the effort.

      Vietnam also outranks France in math and science so….I guess that means the French also “fucking suck”? LOL K.

    20. I’m really having a hard time comprehending how stupid you are. You’ve wasted an inordinate amount of time failing to disprove a SINGLE fact that I posted, so now you simply claim I am moving the goalposts? How embarrassing for you…again.

      Here are the side by side comparisons of US and Luxembourg voter turnout. Yet, somehow, in your walnut-sized, deplorable brain, the US does better, right, dickhead? Lol.


    21. Who gives a fuck about France? Only thing they can do is grow grapes, bake and surrender. I was talking about Americans, not the French you ADHD-afflicted retard.

    22. That’s funny because you’ve spent far more time replying to me…

      I disproved three of your “facts” and I can disprove more. But there’s no point in continuing if you can’t accept reality. It’s not my fault that you don’t understand the difference between industrialized and western countries, the meaning of “last” and “lowest”, or the difference between fact and political propaganda.

      The source you keep posting is using % registered voters for Luxembourg and % eligible voters for the US. Nice spin.


      The OP, Ralf, is French.

      Are you done making yourself look stupid yet?

    23. Luls, your stupidity is mind boggling. As usual, you haven’t proved shit. Please name the three facts you have disproved? It’s like arguing with a retard. Seriously, do you have Downs? You just keep repeating the same shit over and over again, that was wrong the first hundred times you said it. Clearly, you are not interested in facts though, are you, dickhead?

    24. I’m going to start over and keep it very simple for you, since you seem to have great difficulty understanding logic. I will disprove one of your “facts” for the third time:

      1. Your claim: “US is number 1 in the industrialised world for lowest voter turnout”

      2. Voter turnout for the last general election in Japan: 52.0% eligible, 52.7% registered. Both lower than the US at 55.7% eligible and 86.8% registered. By either metric, Japan has lower voter turnout than the US. You cannot dispute this. www(dot)

      3. Japan is a highly industrialized country with an HDI of 0.903. The fact that it is not a western country is irrelevant. The original claim is for the industrialized world.

      4. Therefore, this “fact” is unequivocally false.

      Life must be very difficult for you if you cannot grasp this logic. Which would explain why you are frustrated and angry all the time. Like they say…”life’s hard, but it’s harder when you are stupid.”

      Good luck.

    25. Repeating the same wrong things over and over again, cannot hide your epic stupidity. Like I said, America is either dead last or at the very bottom of the pile for every. single. one of those stats I posted. Now, try and get this through your walnut-sized brain, for the last time; Pointing out that Japan has a lower voter turnout than the US…one country…does not change the fact that the US is at the bottom of the table for voter turnout, does it, dickhead? Why can’t you get that through your thick head? Oh, that’s right, because you’re not actually interested in facts, especially those that contradict your little delusional fantasy.

    26. Nothing I posted is incorrect. You didn’t say “America is either dead last or at the very bottom.” You said “US is number 1 in the industrialised world for lowest voter turnout.” Lowest doesn’t mean “near the bottom”. Go get a dictionary.

      Futhermore, are you really trying to argue that Japan is a horrible place to live because it has low voter turnout? LOL

      I am only interested in facts, which is why I take issue with idiots like you making shit up. “Little delusional fantasy” perfectly describes your arguments.

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