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  1. between this, the black parents who waterboarded their child “because they saw it in a movie” and everything else – how is it possible to be as subhuman as modern americans are?

    1. You are certainly either a troll (paid, or socially stunted), or trying to fit anything into some fabricated worldview that you’ve created for warmth. The license plates on the vehicles show that this video is not from the US.

    2. What a load of bullshit. You can’t even make out how big the plate is. Talk about desperate.

    3. If you’re so offended by Americans, why are you trying so hard to emulate them? Vitriol and hate don’t look good on any nationality.

    4. Please stop feeding the troll. His name is Brian Walker and he lives in Indiana. He is an american as well. He is an obese 16 year old boy with black hair and a tanned complexion to denote his Mother’s latino offerings. So now you know. No one on this site should ever respond to Anonymous. He is a sad little edge lord with no girlfriend, an entire family household income of $31,335.28 per year and lives in a duplex ranch house that his broke ass parents rent. Probably eats mac and cheese with ketchup as well judging from how fat he is. it is entirely possible that his legs are irregularly skinny but the webcam stops at his man tits since he leans down to type and eat (most of what he does in a five hour span that I saw). Oh yeah he has a shitty little yappy dog that he tongue kisses when it jumps in his lap. I would also venture to say that his dad has a drinking problem as he has racked up a couple of DUIs in less than five years. The stuff before 2000 was redacted. Sorry.

      So nothing to fear here ladles and jellyspoons. Just some douche that hates how poor his family are and probably pushed a little over the line by an abusive dad and stuck in bumblefuck Indiana fills his days getting fatter and hanging out here.

    5. Glitterstorm went full retard. If you think that everyone who posts comments here, as “Anonymous”, is the same person, you are even more stupid than your fuckwitty comment makes you out to be.

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