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  1. Shoulda just aed the whole “prank” part of it and gone balls in. Would’ve been one less shithole 3rd world oxygen thief.

  2. This is so retarded. I dont even get the “prank”. So this peter puffer puts tp around his neck, makes a thud, thwn what? Plays dead as someone barges in actually believes he hung him self and died with tp?

    1. *don’t

      *Plays dead as someone barges in actually believes he hung himself with tp? (dying is explicitly implicated when talking about hanging yourself)

      God, that was painful to read. Learn some grammar, ok?

    2. …barges in “and” actually believes…

      Sorry, turns out enclosing words in angle brackets counts as HTML and is removed.

    3. No one gives a flying fuck what snivelling little imbeciles, like you, think, cocksuckingking.

    4. Wrong. Nobody gives a shit about grammar nazis. And if you’re going to correct someone, don’t be a complete dumbass. Nothing is “explicitly implicated” because those words mean the exact opposite. It’s either explicit or implied.

    5. Hahahaha. Go back to your corner and pet your puppy, snowflake.
      Triggered much? Douche.

    6. …and still no-one cares what a cretinous little worm like you, cocksuckingking, thinks. As a full-blown fucktard, is it possible to get it through your barely functioning brain cell, that I didn’t make the grammar comments?…that there are multiple people commenting as “anonymous”?

      *brain cell explodes*

    7. lol u mad bro? Did it ever occur to you that you can take 2 seconds and enter a name? Then nobody will mistake you for “that other anon who made a dumbass comment.” Oh wait you both made dumbass comments. Roffles.

    1. Wrong. “HTML is removed”, not “HTML are removed”.

      Fucking idiot. Americans and their English.

    2. Why is it that Americans always try to correct others’ English while failing that the latter themselves?

      “Learn to speek english u stupid forainer!!!”

      Fucking inbred retards.

    3. “failing that the latter themselves” lmao. Are you eating Tide Pods or something? FAIL lol.

  3. How did this post turn into a grammar discussion, troll-baiting website and all? You see, this is why the west is dying. Westerners have been reduced to jungle monkeys that walk on two legs… barely!

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