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  1. What is wrong with black people? that ape thought he was back in the jungle swinging from the trees. He should have stayed there.

    1. Dude you are the dumbest of all the trolls on this site. What are you trying to prove, that n1ggers are smart and normal? All you need is one peak at FBI statistics and your whole argument falls apart. Go back to 1st grade and start completely over again, only this time in a proper school, preferably not a public one. Your family, your teachers, your entire camaraderie, are all wrong. You have developed into a full-on retard, otherwise known as a liberal. You have wasted your whole life and turned out a empty-headed dingleberry. What a waste.

    2. You just wasted a whole paragraph saying a whole lot of nothing, other than childish insults. But, do you feel better now, buttercup? I’m sorry being mocked upsets you so much. Do you need a safe space?

  2. This is the reason we have so many labels on things. Because stupid Americans always have to ruin it for the rest of us.

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