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  1. biker was an idiot for driving on the sidewalk.
    The 2 that got knocked out might possibly be the 2 biggest pussies on earth.

    1. He wasn’t on the sidewalk you fvcking retard. I don’t think a faggot like you, beached in front of his computer all day and night, commenting on every post, should be judging who is and who is not a pussy.

    2. “driving on the sidewalk” => “driving too close to the drunk guy milling around in the crosswalk”

    3. I think the word ^pussy^ is incorrect concerning this video.
      pussy” is an diminutive of pusillanimous. pusillanimous. showing a lack of courage or determination; timid.

  2. All these guys suck. I just wish some sober dude would have beat up that annoying motorcycle guy with his noisy phallus on wheels. Luckily the wheels of a semi will probably take out that bike dude soon enough.

  3. Is it me or did the second guy he punched not do anything. When I saw the noisy bike I thought of the South Park espiode when noisy bike owners are renamed Fags.

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