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  1. What a moron. Black people are so stupid. This one wouldn’t even survive in the jungle, if he went back there. He should go back there.

    1. Awww look at the low testosterone soy-boy crying his little eyes out. Did somebody hoyt your little feewings? Crawl upstairs from the basement and mommy will make it all better.

      As if this somehow all of the countless, gratuitous, overwhelming facts that n1ggers cause pretty much all the crime and STATISTICALLY have lower IQ scores doesn’t show that they are a subspecies of humanoid. So cry and cry little snowflake. Your liberal tears are only cause for laughter.

    2. You left out cuck, faggot and leftist from your standard-issue, idiotic, deplorable drivel. Must try harder next time you rage-comment. 3/10

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