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    1. Go to any American convenience store…you’ll see A LOT more 16oz beer cans then 12oz. The 12’s are just a hangover from the period of pure idiocy we know as prohibition.

    2. Why the fuck would I go into an American convenience store? If I would ever set a foot into the US, I would bring my own stuff. Fast/processed foods galore, beer & coffee taste like nothing and baked goods are hard as constipated shit. I’d prefer the European bakery/pub over an American convenience store any day.

    3. But, if you’ve never been to the US, how come your such an expert on the quality of food sold in US convenience stores, dickhead? Lol.

  1. Typical black idiot. He should have stayed in the jungle. The modern world of frat houses and cities is not for him.

    1. Well, frat houses have complex social structures and hierarchies, obviously more complex than the monkey structure that that this black baboon is used to. As a consequence he is probably dead now from 3rd degree burns.

    2. Hah, not enough racist comments here for our resident libtard sjw so he’s resorted to posting his own…

    3. You hear that whooshing sound, O rly? That’s the sound of the point going straight over your deplorable head…as usual. Lol.

    4. Posting racist comments to make a point that other people are posting racist comments…liberal logic!

  2. The only thing that would have made this better, was if while on fire he had run through a crowd of porch monkeys. The sacrifice of one dipshit white kid for the extermination of a crowd of darkies is more than acceptable.

    1. Yet, only one is acting like a retard. Based on your idiotic comment, I’m sure retard is a word you’ve heard in reference to you, on more than one occasion, too.

  3. Just stop it ffs…being an attention whore will result in elderly pain…. Scars… or even death… give it up…. if you have to risk your life trying to be cool then your really not ….and should focus on the rest of your life instead….

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