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  1. Um, I think she was thanking and complimenting the person holding the camera (who may have been a member of the military, or a Vietnam vet) rather than complimenting herself. That’s why she says “great video quality”, because she’s probably getting it off someone’s Facebook/Twitter/Youtube feed.

    1. Are you retarded? It is a video, she took of herself. She has since removed the video from her facebook page.

  2. Not enough ‘Muricans died in Vietnam. All of them were Nazi scum like McCain. May they forever rot in hell. Just another in a long list of wars that bloodthirsty ‘Murica started; not to mention lost! Like almost every other war that ‘Murica ever “fought” and lost. I took a piss on that memorial once. Felt good.

    1. A lot of blabber from a putz without a fully functioning brain and whose only positive qualities dribbled down its mother’s leg years ago. Get back under your rock little troll, your illogical opinions are taking up space that’s better reserved for those with an IQ higher than 10.

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