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    1. Anon, As a full blown libtarded cancer growth, your pappy clearly had no problem raping a monkey.

    2. Ah, classic deplorable insults. It’s like you are a retarded robot, incapable of saying anything original, just repeating over and over again, the same few phrases stored in your malfunctioning, right-wing brain cell. Must try harder. 2/10

    3. Actually, that’s the first time I’ve seen that particular insult here. You, on the other hand, repeat “deplorable” and “retarded robot” over and over like a parrot on crack. So, as usual, your posts most aptly describe yourself.

    4. You actually expect people to believe that you’ve never heard anyone here call someone a “libtard” or tell someone their dad “raped a monkey”…like a fourteen year old little bitch? Lol.

    1. Because it’s the fucking US of A. Cops there are so insecure that they will resort to violence instead of reason and logic. That’s how primitive most Americans are. Bang bang, punch punch is all they know.

      And they want to be the leaders of the free world lol.

    2. Cops in any country will “resort” to force if you assault them while being arrested, dumbass.

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