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  1. Why would the mom even be at fault? They are standing in a group off to the side and on the other side of the park from the skaters/scooters in the background. The kid is just standing there and dude pulled a trick a bit too close so the kid got knocked down. Unfortunate. Three year olds fall all the damn time anyway. They are like little drunk people that can climb.

  2. Whoever runs this website suck your moms dick. Stop with the gay fucking captions. You’re not funny. You’re a fucking faggot

  3. How is could the caption writer construe this as being in any way the mother’s fault? It’s the equivalent of blaming a pedestrian in a situation were a car collides with them whilst they’re walking along a pavement. Ridiculous.

    1. By your logic, anyone in that area is liable to hit or run into and it would be their fault… Anonymous fuckwit.

    2. Hey last anonymous, did you just make that up or did you hear someone say that? That is brilliance, if you heard that from someone please let me know who said it.

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