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  1. Fake for sure or just a rental guard from a venue or armoured truck but even those guys have better training.
    A real cop would never hold a gun that way
    Wouldn not carry a 6 shooter
    Would not have cuffed at least one perp right away
    Would not- have- not radioed their location and back-up
    Would NEVER have jumped the counter between the two and lowered his gun or bent down with them

    If anything this guy might have came to rob it as well but was late.
    That guy is in noway related to law enforcement

    1. Who gives a shit if hes law enforcement or not? Just another example of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun.

  2. aaannnddd old as hell at this point. These two are on their second marriages and third mortgages in internet time.

  3. Calling “BS”: That’s not a cop–more likely a security guard. No badge on the jacket–and WHO still uses a revolver?

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