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  1. Fucklng black pool pavement ape, assaulting innocent white people as usual. Hopefully this is in America and the good guys with guns (cops) arrived and shot him to death.

    1. You’re trying to be sarcastic, but your globally warmed, soy boy, sterilized brain failed. And thus yes, everyone agrees with you. Right on the money.

    2. You forgot cuck, faggot and libtard in your yawn-inflicting, standard-issue, deplorable insult-fest.

  2. Blue gummed n!gger=spooks can’t swim but they sure can tumble! That last n!gger must be broken. Its sickle cell probably acted up. The other 2 drowned (hopefully). Either that or this is the only way a n!gger can flirt with a human woman – violence as always.

  3. Still don’t understand why these white girls even allow these apes to be in their general vicinity.

    They typically are going to rape you, kill you or have you involved in some type of crime. Usually identity theft.

    1. Well we just got done looking at the last 1,000 years of history and thought, hey! Why not just be honest about history and reality. Maybe you should try learning some facts and then you can join us, Anon No. 1. Trust me, it;s as easy as opening a book.

    2. Wtf is that incomprehensible drivel ⇧ supposed to mean? I don’t speak deplorable, so you’ll have to translate.

    3. Half of the racist posts are just the resident butthurt libtard anon, thinking that he can combat actual racism by posting satirical racism. And now ironically he’s contributing to the problem.

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