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  1. Fail on so many levels. A) that’s not how you spell lasagna, B) that’s not what Lasagna looks like, and C) those are that guy’s favorite shoes? For what his part time job at the drag bar?

    1. British people know how to spell Lasagna, only retarded Americans have no concept of spelling.

    2. British people dont even know how to spell color or favorite or jewlery nor do they know the difference between a potato chip or a freedom fry. Or how to brush their teeth. So im sure they dont know how to spell lasagna

  2. should probably try cleaning your ratty ass house once in awhile. what kind of scumbag leaves their stankin ass shoes in the kitchen

  3. Huh… THIS got 10 (well, 11 I suppose) 11 comments. Oh ‘Muruhkuh! I’d help you but… but why would I?! )))

  4. if the words family size have used in any explanation of a lasagna. It’s not lasagna. Stouffers processed bullshit doesnt qualify now fuck off ya wanker!

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