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  1. Same reason sweat pants outfits, fake chains, and gratuitous tattoos are a thing.

    Hey nice office room your parents got there fag! Tight slippers too!

  2. Hey, if you wanna have the number of the beast tattooed on your neck, feel free. As that IS what the three slashes on the M actually mean…but i doubt this particular imbecile knows this.

    1. While I agree this guy is a moron, your logic is a bit of a stretch…how do you get 666 from 3 slashes? Is the Adidas logo also the number of the beast? lol

    2. Fucking hell, that’s just another shit conspiracy, like chem trails, fluoride in water being used for mind control and that vaccines cause autism. The drink is called Monster, the m is meant to loom like the slash from a monster claw…

  3. “Look at me! Now I have tattoos everyone will think I am cool… Shut up mom, Ill be down in a few min for the board game”

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