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  1. Well, I know what the starting game should have been. Fat ass Leroy pulling his pants up.
    That fat bitch doesn’t have the upper body strength to hold all the tonnage up. He was destined for failure the moment he grabbed that rope.

    1. I think the kid just got scared, but was already committed to the swing. Get the fuck back in your box you annoying little rat.

  2. From a purely scientific perspective this is incredibly interesting as it is truly rare and remarkable to see a chimp that hasn’t the requisite dexterity and primal skills needed for it to swing from a vine and be itself. Just goes to prove that taking chimps out of the jungle and trying to domesticate them in western societies not only brings a wrath and plague upon mankind, but it ultimately impedes the n!gger’s chances at survival in its natural habitat.

  3. Btw, for some of the above commentators. This is obviously a she-boon, not a he-buck. I’m a zoologist. Trust me.

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