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    1. Presumably you are referring to ‘unauthorized’ being spelt with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’. I don’t mean to shock you, but, as an American retard, you are probably unaware that the US is the ONLY english speaking country in the world that uses a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ in many words. eg realize, apologize etc. Thanks for fulfilling the ignorant American, stereotype, though.

    2. Wrong. Canada also uses z. In fact just about all English speaking countries did, up until about WWII, when the Brits decided to standardize s, because their uneducated citizens couldn’t figure out when to use s and when to use z. It’s obvious you’re the ignorant retard here…lol

    3. No-one gives a flying fvck about the historical origins of americans using z instead of s, as it is completely irrelevant to the topic, isn’t it, you dense cvnt? The original US village idiot commenter, tried to imply that the journalist had misspelled “unauthorised” because he was too ignorant to know that the rest of the entire english speaking world outside of “North” America doesn’t replace s with z. End of story, moron.

  1. D: Democracy. That’s when you need to disguise your house in the form of a garage in order to live freely without government intervention. Wow, real free market capitalism you got goin’ on there! Well, like everything “west” nowadays, “Free” just means free to think within government approved standards, or else you’re a Russian “meddler”or some such shit. From “Great” to “Feh” in just under 20 years. Good job, England! Keep up the none work.

    1. Nobody in power in England or America want free market capitalism. That leaves it too easy for ALL people to become too independent from government. Presidents and Prime ministers…aspiring to be Vladimir Lenin since 1917.

    2. Stopped reading on line 12…honestly man if you want speakers corner its somewhere else. This is EF man so FFS keep it short

    3. Try not to be a sniveling cretin for once in your miserable life. Have you ever heard of zoning bylaws? you know, those things that define what kind of building you can build where, and how high etc? This may come as a shock to you, but those same zoning laws exist in most US cities (except Houston, where no zoning laws has proved to be an unmitigated disaster). I guess America must be sliding into fascist rule, just like the UK (and every other developed country in the world), right?

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