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  1. It bothers me that she could not form one sentence without using ‘like’ every 5 seconds. Like, seriously people, get it together.

  2. these are the people who believe it’s good to let your country be overrun by third world savages. toxic, delusional, suicidal altruism.

    1. You know she wants her country overrun by third world immigrants, based on her getting upset about a goose she thought had lost a leg? Did you make your deranged assessment based on your many years of experience as a psychologist, or did you rely on your incorrigible douchebag’s intuition?

    2. It is from Canada and undocumented…
      We need sky nets to protect our borders now 😉

    3. Oh, ok. So, all Democrats want their country over-run by people from the third world. Seems like a totally reasonable assumption. Not deranged in the slightest.

    4. >Oh, ok. So, all Democrats want their country over-run by people from the third world. Seems like a totally reasonable assumption. Not deranged in the slightest.

      have you been paying attention to the political policy that they endorse? obviously not.

    5. democrats, you know, the people who support sanctuary cities for third world people to literally come in and displace the old residents. or did you forget that they do that?

    6. well me thinks when american women want illegal immigrants in the country rather than you guys, then you’re the one who has a problem lol.

    7. No, I mean actual men and not limp wristed betas. And since it sounds like you know a lot about having half a testicle, my condolences….

    1. It’s true. We are totally baffled. Given the mind-boggling stupidity and ignorance of americans (stereotypes don’t come from nowhere), how the hell did they get it right, twice?

    2. Lol. That’s right we feel soooo inferior. We are very jealous of not being able to live in the “greatest country in the world”. We are particularly jealous of your high rates of violent crime, mass shootings and of the US being number 1 amongst Western countries for;

      • The worst performance in math for high schoolers.
      • Most obese population
      • Most expensive healthcare by procedure
      • Least access to healthcare
      • Worst outcomes for healthcare (except cancer)
      • Lowest voter turnout
      • Lowest access to the polls (and declining)
      • Least democratic based on unequal voting rights (Freedom House and Bright Line Watch survey)
      • Biggest gap between rich and poor
      • Fastest growing gap between rich and poor
      • Highest rate of child poverty
      • Highest rate of incarceration per capita (higher than North Korea, Iran and China, combined)
      • Highest rate of gun deaths

      We are green with envy. Do you ever wonder why only people from the third world want to move to America?

    3. Again with the list, until you get it through your thick head. I am not American, but I lived in America for eight years. I have lived in four countries and can promise you that NO-ONE from the rest of the developed world, who has lived in the US, would ever say that America is the ‘greatest country on earth’….because of the list.

    4. Get what through my thick head? That you can’t stop pasting the same list of made up shit? That you can’t understand logic and reason? That’s already quite clear. LOL

      So what country are you pretending to be from?

    5. Just saying something is made up and wishing it wasn’t, doesn’t make it so, does it? You’re not actually going to embarrass yourself again and try to come up with more alternative facts are you? I’ve given you thirteen reality checks on America being “the greatest country on earth”. Let’s see how many you can disprove…and by the way, just to head you off at the pass, using semantics to try and prove that the US comes 33rd instead of 34th doesn’t exactly make you a winner, does it, Einsteinr?

      What does it matter where I’m from? I will tell you I have lived in New Zealand, the UK, Spain and the US (I also lived in Australia for nine months, but don’t think nine months counts as “lived in”.)

    6. I already disproved half of them multiple times. You’re just too stupid to comprehend logic. Although I did see that you changed “indistrialized world” to “western countries”…LOL! So we’ll both have to agree that you are a moron and move on.

      I don’t care where you “lived.” What is your citizenship?

    7. Lol. You didn’t disprove anything did you, dickhead? Once again, pretending you did, might make you feel like an internet winner, but you still look like a hopeless clown who’s got nothing worthwhile to say, and no facts.

      You lose…again.

    8. lol u mad bro? Once again you are describing yourself…”hopeless clown who’s got nothing worthwhile to say, and no facts” sums up all of your posts. Every argument I make is backed by legitimate sources, while you just make things up. And I already “won” since you changed your list. LOL

      So what is your citizenship?

    9. Prove it. Disprove these facts.

      You seem to have your big pink panties in a bunch because, if I said “industrialized” countries, it means you could include Turkey and Japan, which would make the US second to last instead of dead last in some categories. Well guess what, the reason “western” countries is a separate category, is because they are countries that are not only in the same economic development strata, but also share historical, religious and cultural backgrounds. Hence, they form a better group for comparison. Sorry you don’t like that, because it means the US comes last in every category out of thirty five countries.

  3. In all honesty I hope every one on this website gets necrotic hand and throat disease so I never have to see/hear another stupid fucking opinion out of any of you.

  4. What the hell closeted lifestyle you got where basic nature escapes you for that long in your life? 20 god damned years and not once are you witness to these flying pigs…..

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