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  1. You hear that squirming sound? It’s the racist trash coming out of the woodwork to utter their ignorant-drivel-comments.

    1. Means you thought everything they did. You have a nigg-dar for it, you beta cuck, low-T, soy face brony. Bet you’re a coal burning oil driller too, eh, Macbook warrior? Don’t mean to bruise your mangina, but if even you know when and where to leave preemptive comments, means you know damn well that n1ggers are a primate species. You just want to deny it so they accept you into their herd. But that’s liberalism, isn’t it now? Devolution back to the stone age, bottom bitch.

    2. Apparently its a Black dick squirming in your Ass. Nothing was even said yet your paranoia sees comments that dont even exist yet. Dumb fuck

    3. You forgot faggot and libtard in your yawn-inducing, standard issue deplorable insult-fest. You really tried to throw everything in there, that your tiny little ignorant mind could come up with, didn’t you clown-boy? Do you feel better now though, bud? Do you feel like a real internet hero, raging like a retarded child and shitting your pants in public, despite the fact that uttering your asinine drivel proves that you just can’t help yourself, and that you are as predictable as you are deplorable? Lol.

    4. All I know is, I’d suck all their tasty black dicks and swallow every drop of sperm.
      All you deplorable Trumpanzees can fuck off.

  2. When black people get excited they act like Monkeys, put their hands in the air and stick out their teeth…. wtf

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