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  1. This shit was just posted a couple months ago dumbass.

    And I’ll post what I did then. I’d eat the pussies right off those 2 sluts.

    1. . What the fuck is the world coming too I’m I’m on the same page as cunnilingusking. This site has gone to shit. Constant reposts and as I’ve mentioned numerous times – The FUCKING SHITTY FORMATING of the comments section really pisses me off.

    1. It’s fucking “Koozie” you fucking idiot. The only thing “cozy” is you and my orange penis in your mouth, and yeah, it’s plenty “cozies” in there.

      Apparently someone made your eye socket into a penis Koozie, fucked the shit out of your brain, and we’re left with your fucking idiotic comments loaded with misspellings. Also, vote for me again in 2020. Terrific.

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