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  1. This video is not from the US. You can see it by noticing the sturdy construction of the house, the patience required to build such a pyramid and the general cleanliness of the room. All values/things Americans don’t possess.

    1. Yah sure. School shootings on the weekends, road rage incidents on the way to work, can’t pay the dentist so I must go to jail for 50 years. Who wouldn’t want to experience all this for the low, low price of an American green card?

      Said no non-3rd world resident ever.

    2. Yah sure. Trucks plowing into crowds, trains bombed, muggings on the way to work, immigrants raping you on the weekend, half your salary taken in taxes. Who wouldn’t want to live in Europe?

      Is John Oliver from a 3rd world country? lol you fool.

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