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  1. Is this beast that trans-degenerate that thinks its a different non-existent gender? Anyway, it’s fuglier as the ass end of a decomposing rhinoceros. Still more attractive than a soy face libtard however.

    1. Ah, classic deplorable comment. Every cliched insult, your tiny gormless brain could come up with, in three sentences.

    2. @classic deplorable mom’s little angel – The quintessential soy gut cry for help. Your man-vagina was stuffed full of reality-ouch without consent or safe space security personnel. As I deliberately invade your “n!gger-proof” n!gger space like a proper badass, who can only be white, like any real superhero — I remind you that the only reason you even have the right to leave comments is because of what I and my brethren white people have left for you scavenge. How’s that taste, salty? Yeah. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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