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    1. Why does ANYBODY who criticizes Trump have to be a Hitlery supporter? Are you Trumpanzees really that daft? It seems the only ones who can’t get over things are you idiots with your endless “But Hillary!” drivel.

    2. LOL struck a nerve, huh? You and OP are the only ones getting upset. Nobody gives a shit about Hillary; she lost and will never be President.

  1. Dick move by motorcyclist. Such a pussy. No idea what happened but seriously if that is the only way you can win then you suck at life. Then again, you ride a motorcycle so that’s all redundant.

    1. agreed. Motorcycles are always crying about being respected by other motorists and then drive like complete dickheads on the road. I saw an asshole do a wheelie down a state route the other day.

    2. The full video shows that the dude getting knocked down nearly killed that driver with the cam by speeding past him with like 3 inches of space between them. His buddy wouldn’t let that slide and took matters into his own hands. Good for him, he’s probably a better friend that 99% of you assholes.

    3. The full video isn’t online since the motorcyclist doesn’t show what he did to provoke the pickup driver into swerving at him. Regardless, all I saw was two idiots road raging at each other and another pussy jumping in with a sucker helmet headbutt. I would be embarrassed if any of them were my friends.

    4. Yes genius. I see is someone headbutting someone with a helmet. He is a pussy. Regardless of if he was in the right to hit someone, that is a move that a pussy would do.

      Now go back to your single digit IQ,

  2. This video is so fucking old and recycled it makes the 1st episode of the 1st season of TruTV look like a magical unveiling. Epic Fail fucking SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! You suck, Epic Fail admin. Seriously though. Suck. You do. A lot. This sucks. Repetitive. Like to the point of annoying. See where I’m going with this?

  3. Do you ever stop whining? Unless you are one of the morons in the video, you don’t know the full story either. The videos on youtube are edited.

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