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    1. Paranoid much? Strange how you only do this on Black people videos. Sounds like you are happy to see it and instigate it further. Everyone’s a racist and a Bigot you’re only lying to yourself otherwise.

    1. No not really, its always short /almost bald. It takes forever for them to grow their hair and if they do it just comes out all frowy curly etc.

    2. Same reason as when white people go to a tanning salon: because they want to look different than nature intended them to.

    3. Because, unlike asian’s or indian’s straight black hair, african american’s hair is made of tight curls. If allowed to grow out it becomes an afro. So, black women with longer, but still short hair, often iron their hair, so it’s flat and shapeable, or, they cut their hair off and wear wigs or cut their hair short for weaves.

    4. Liberal bleeder anon can make all the faggoty tan remarks he wants. people get tans doing yard work, vacationing …ect
      A natural occurrence . Does not explain the above question. To further fuel the fire: Only queers put hair extensions in their head, wear earrings and drop pants …period.
      I loose all respect for any male species who put fake hair in. Females ? I’m neutral.

  1. The coon-slip. Nothing stops that ape DNA from coming through. You can dress a monkey in a suit and hand it glasses and a book, but all you get is a good laugh.

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