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  1. modern american men
    just like george costanza in the fire
    push the old lady out of the way, fuck her, i gotta get my ass off this boat!
    she can fend for herself!

    this is what has gone wrong with western civilization in a nutshell.
    it’s every man for himself and therefore is crumbling.

    1. That’s quite a stretch. I think you’re just jealous because you can’t even afford that boat LOL.

    2. it’s not a stretch at all. civilization only existed because people were willing to make sacrifices. if you can’t look around at the world today and understand why it’s crumbling – or even that it is crumbling – then you are part of the problem, i’m afraid.

    3. It is a stretch. He didn’t push the woman. He tried to stand up on the ledge but lost his balance because there wasn’t room behind the motor. So he moved over and tripped while trying to get back on the ledge. By that point it’s too late and they both jump out. If anything the woman is pushing him.

      But don’t let the facts stop your anti-America/cop bitch fest. I see you’ve already got 4 rage posts racked up. LOL

    4. First off this wasn’t in America you prick. Where are you from tough guy?
      Second, He did loose his balance then jumped immediately and everyone jumped at the same damn time. Should he have pushed her off then killed himself for no reason? Why as everyone was jumping and I am quite sure they would have yelled jump.

      Wherever your bitch ass comes from, dont be talking shit about America when your too much of a pussy to say where your from. People like you never do because You dont want us talking crap about your Country back to you!

  2. after researching this incident, it also seems that mr george costanza – push women out of the way so i can get to safety first myself – is also an off duty cop. a guy with these instincts is supposed to be protecting people? he clearly was not concerned whether or not his friends would make it off the boat in time. this is the kind of guy who shoots a friendly dog that runs out to greet him when he walks onto someone’s property.
    what has our world come to?

  3. what a fucking piece of shit. he tried harder to save his fucking fishing rod than he did to try and protect the woman he was with. what a sorry fucking display from a man who is supposed to be a figure of authority.

  4. can we focus on the dipshit operating the center console, crusing around on plane, completely oblivious to whether or not there were other boaters? I get the whole guy-pushers-woman thing out of the way but we have another individual here who nearly killed at least three people. BTW…this is not uncommon and perfectly avoidable.

  5. ‘Muruka fucking sucks and everyone who tries so desperately to defend it, deep down knows it sucks. But anyway.

    1. Yeah, America sucks until you go begging for our military to defend you because your home is full of pussies incapable of defending themselves. Stifle yourself and go piss up a rope.

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