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  1. In all fairness, you can’t expect someone who buys a Prius on purpose to have the intellectual fortitude beyond that of a fallen chestnut.

    1. ^What’s wrong with a prius? Besides the fact that you can get better gas mileage from a diesel motor. And more damage is done to the environment in mining the nickel for the batteries of a single prius than 10 non-hybrid cars.

    2. Ha ha, total horseshit. There is NO diesel powered car that gets better mileage than a prius, in a city. As far as nickel mining versus diesel emissions being worse for the environment, it’s not even close. Why do you think VW went to such great lengths to falsify the emission stats of their diesel engines?

    3. the alpha male sees the feminine prius as a threat so he needs to pound his chest when he sees one. it’s one of those things that make you a manly man.

    4. lol a threat to what? It’s just a sad anemic car. If I really needed to get 50 mpg I would ride a motorcycle.

    1. Bob wouldn’t ride in any car because the only thing he can afford is a bus ticket once a month.

  2. Jealous much? Perhaps just a typical pretentious douchebag Prius owner, to whom saving gas is less important than telling everyone about it?

    1. I don’t know what’s worse: a Prius owner who saves gas and tells everyone about it or someone who doesn’t give a shit about either saving gas or telling others about it.

      To which demographic you belong should be clear. BTW, I don’t own a Prius. I use a bicycle to get around.

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