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  1. Typical n!gger behaviour, affirmative action got her the job, her primal ape instincts got her fired. Hope her sow ass stays in jail for a long time.

    1. She only got 10 days. She literally told one caller “ain’t nobody got time for this” lol. Her lawyer’s defense was “she was going through a hard time in her life.” Boo hoo.

  2. All I read was, “N!gger, n!gger, n!gger, n!gger nig, did something n!ggerish, because n!ggers are n!ggers, n!gger, n!gger, n!gger nig.” No surprises. Just n!gger shit. It’s what happens when you pretend that blue-gummed vine swingers are somehow magically human.

    1. Let me guess, your recent ancestors were flinging shite at one another from the trees in Africa, isn’t it?

  3. Anonymous STFU, all you do is comment how people are racist towards blacks and you do it 100x a day, You see Black people in every fkn article doing wrong shit and people comment accordingly. Are you not seeing the pattern all other races are seeing???!?? Are they really Racists or just saying facts you dumb fuck!?

    1. Are you actually retarded? I’m not sure how, in even your tiny, ignorant, trailer-dwelling brain, calling black people “n1ggers”, “blue gimmed vine swingers” and “primal apes”, is somehow not racist.

    2. The only thing I see is a bunch of irrelevant racists dreaming about the 4th Reich on some forum on the internet. Kind of pathetic if you ask me because whether you like it or not, the world is slowly leaving you behind.

      Suck on that.

  4. Most 911 calls are a bunch of helpless idiots that waste resources because they cant figure out how to program their remote.

  5. Caption shoud not read ”Murica”. The problem is ”N!gger”
    @ sancho: So that excuse permits you to not do your job? In the EMS field? Really? Now that mentality needs to stay in sancho land

  6. Hey black people ,Let me guess, This too is white peoples fault also .eh? I can’t wait for black people to start holding themselves responsible for their own actions and behavior.

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