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  1. although this sounds ridiculous, its to reduce single use plastics. which are non-degradable and end up in the sea. plastic straws are also being banned.

    1. Maybe, instead of trying to revert into a third-world shithole, you should join the industrial world and use fucking paper ones, you stupid fucks.

  2. Leave it to the degenerate libtards in not-so-great britain to come up with intellectually deafening loony shit like this.

    1. Leave it to the dense right-wing lunatics to completely miss the point and write witless drivel like this.

  3. Dam Brits. First yopu don’t wanna clean your yellow teeth and now you don’t wanna clean out your nasty ears.

    1. It will result in the EU being less retarded. The Brits are the Americans of Europe. They are snowflakes who want special treatment without sharing any of the responsibilities and if you don’t give them what they want, they throw a tantrum, just like the average Joe. The only difference is that they just throw tantrums while the US will invade anyone disagreeing with them.

  4. Cotton buds aren’t supposed to be used to clean your ears anyway. I prefer being able to hear than use an implement that only half cleans the wax and pushes the rest in unless your unlucky enough to push to far and perforate your ear drum. Now thats a fail I would like to see

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