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  1. Every time I see a video about some American and a European sports car, they crash it.

    Yanks can’t drive for shit.

    1. Try not to be a sniveling cretin for once in your miserable life. You can’t see, let alone read, a single number plate. Also, he is listening to shitty American trap drivel. Case closed, dickhead.

    2. Search “prishtina bmw” on youtube. First result will be this video, where you can very clearly see the license plates are European. And since you seem to be geographically challenged, I will remind you that Pristina is a city in Kosovo, not America.

      Ergo, you are a fucking moron, as usual. Case closed, dickhead. LOL.

    3. Are you high? The first result is about some drifting race in Kosovo you twat. lol

      Neither of the results of that query relate to this video. Fucking moron.

    4. Besides, even if this video wasn’t from the US, it doesn’t take away the fact that most people you see crashing these beauties are from the US.

      Your attempt at deflection still failed, though.

    5. Hahaha, pointing out how you are wrong yet again is “deflection” now? ROFL. Your attempt to save face failed and you still look like a fucking moron, because you are one…

  2. You know who hits karma head-on on a daily basis? This website. How old is this fucking video? Do you know how recycled this is? In fact, if memory serves me right, it is this very site that uploaded it before. It’s like watching a long forgotten celebrity park cars in a valet lot. Nothing but awkward cringe. So sad.

  3. Would have got out and took out my gun told him to get the fuck out of the car as at that speed hes using it as a dangerous weapon.

    1. Im gon’ get mu gun cuz this is fuckin’ ‘murica !!

      You’re just as dumb as that driver, you cunt.

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