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    1. Another reason why I never care one fuck what other countries think of America:

      Alfie Evans

      Murder via socialized healthcare. You can stay in your backwards shithole country.

    2. Do you know why you don’t see Americans crying about other countries on every picture? Because we don’t care about your shithole country! Now log off the village computer, your goats need herding.

    3. “I don’t care what you think, let me show it by commenting on your post”

      Fucking retard. XD

  1. And THIS is the CUNTry that wants to dominate space? Good luck with that. Chimps have a better chance of learning to make an 8-course fine dining tasting menu.

    1. 1969 != 2018 buddy. Stop acting like a post-menopause lady remembering her golden days. lol

    2. 1969 already happened buddy. It’s impossible to not do something you’ve already done. And maybe you’ve heard of SpaceX? Or have you been living under a rock in the basement of your post-menopausal mother? Hahahahaha

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