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  1. would have been funny to see an automated message returned to the cop saying texting and driving is dangerous and illegal

    1. If you’re going to troll, know the law. The vehicle has to be in motion, not stopped at a traffic light.

    2. No it isn’t. The vehicle has to be in motion. The cop did nothing wrong as he was clearly sitting at a red light.

    3. Like Anarchy said, different states have different laws, dumbass. There are states where texting is prohibited and it is subject to primary enforcement. Meaning you can get a ticket sitting at a red light and texting if you are the driver.

  2. Fake. Do you really believe the phone number on the back of a company car goes to the drivers cell phone? And why would he text and not call.

  3. Pet peeve: people who don’t start using their signal till part way through the turn. It’s not an “I’m in the middle of a turn” signal!

    Worse: people who think slowing down is sufficient sign they are going to turn. If I think they are just a slow driver and try to pass them, they might turn right into me.

    Geez – so many idiots, so little time.

    1. He was doing neither. He was sitting at the light. The vehicle was not in motion therefore no law was broken. Find another way to hate the police.

    2. Second Anonymous has a stick up his ass and didn’t get the quote. Instead of being funny once in his life, he decided to roleplay Prof. Einstein and attempt a witty response.

      Good job man, but don’t sniff too many of your own farts. You might cause SMUG.

    3. Whether you are sitting at a light or not. If you are behind the wheel of a running vehicle on a public rode way in any way, you are driving.

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