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    1. Yet you live off their money and collect the welfare. What black nation has ever done anything for humanity? Oh thats right NONE. Nothing but sell their own people to other nations to start the worlds biggest slave trade.

    2. @Cotton it’s not white people’s money anymore if they paid it in the form of taxes. then it becomes the state’s money.

      illiterate idiot.

  1. I don’t see what all the shock is about. In a land where faggots are considered normal. allowed to “marry” and raise stolen children that were handed lawfully to these animals; in a land where boys can legally pretend to be girls and vice versa, what the hell is all the fuss about? Pretty soon fathers will be marrying their biological daughters and some people will fuck the tailpipes of cars. Oh wait! That’s already happening. So nothing to see here. Just more ‘Muruka for your daily consumption.

    1. America has always been like this. The only difference now is that these dumbasses can spout it into the world what retards they are. I mean even the inmates in US jails pack each other’s fudge. Shoot, break and hump stuff: doesn’t get any more American than that.

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