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    1. Ha, some third world foreigner tries to “correct” the pun and misspells it in the process. Yay futbol!

    2. He was making a joke with a play on the words “perp” (as in perpetrator) and “porpoise”, you dense motherfucker. The third world; Still full of people smarter than you.

    3. Sounds like we have a bunch of third world eurotrash shitting on this site.

    4. Lol. That’s right, dickhead we are soooo jealous of your high rates of gun crime (and violence, in general), your daily mass shootings. We are also jealous of the US being number 1 in the Western world for;

      • The worst performance in math for high schoolers (near the bottom for math, science and reading in the OECD)
      • Most obese population
      • Most expensive healthcare by procedure
      • Least access to healthcare
      • Worst outcomes for healthcare (except cancer)
      • Lowest voter turnout
      • Lowest access to the polls (and declining)
      • Least democratic based on unequal voting rights (Freedom House and Bright Line Watch survey)
      • Biggest gap between rich and poor
      • Fastest growing gap between rich and poor
      • Highest rate of child poverty
      • Highest rate of incarceration per capita (higher than North Korea, Iran and China, combined)
      * Lowest life expectancy
      * Highest rate of gun deaths

      We are all green with envy.

    5. You sound like every other jealous frenchy. Enjoy your iberal spiral into third world status as your country becomes overrun by shitholes that take advantage of your historic spineless culture. Ciao, pussy.

    6. Lol. Cleary, like most ignorant Americans, you’ve never been to France…or anywhere outside your strip-mall shit-hole town, I’ll wager. Don’t you ever get sick of fulfilling the ‘ignorant American’ stereotype? If America is so great, why do only people from the third world want to move there, clown-boy?

    7. At the end of the day, a rich person will always buy a Lambo or Ferrari instead of a Ford or Chevi.
      At the end of the day, a rich person will always buy a Yacht built by a German yard instead of an American yard.
      At the end of the day, a rich person will always buy designer stuff from European labels instead of American labels.
      At the end of the day, a rich person will always fly to Europe to get treated for some serious disease instead of the US.

      Cry all you want, nobody thinks you’re great but you. In fact, most third world “shitholes” laugh at you behind your back because you keep giving them money in exchange for nothing. lol

    8. French WW2 rifle for sale, never fired and only dropped once.

      On a more serious note I hear the French are changing their flag. It’s now a white cross emblazoned on a white background.

    9. American AR15 Rifle for sale, only used once in a school. Comes with large capacity magazines to ensure no kids get away. Perfect condition, one mentally unstable, teenage owner. Totally legal, purchased from Walmart.

    10. Renault van for sale, only used once on the London Bridge. Comes with heavy duty bumpers to ensure no pedestrians get away. Perfect condition, one mentally unstable, Muslim owner. Totally legal, purchased from the dealership. Bonus knives included free.

    11. Microwave for sale. Only for the average American, can be used to dry pet cats and lizards. Safety label has been removed so said American can sue company afterwards.

    12. lol there is nothing to be triggered about. It’s just incredibly lame. Try again, surely you can come up with something better….

    1. You must be consumed by your irrational hatreds. Only an A-grade, ignorant scumbag, like you, could take even a video of dolphins and turn it into a racist rant.

    2. I get it, you have white-fear. Since the victim was a white man, you naturally assume that the aggressor was a stronger, faster, and smarter male or female (well not smarter than a dolphin but smarter than white person) minority. Cheer up bud, nobody can see your white tears while your on the ocean.

    3. A group of dolphins is called a school, not a gang.

      Now gtfo with that ghetto talk, you illiterate idiot.

    4. @Anon respondent 1: commas matter. Learn how to use them. Oh and by the way, anger only helps support the original comment.

    5. @Anon respondent 2: A) “White-fear” – a1, there is no hyphen, a2, such a thing does not exist, just like every other leftard language abuse term that today’s soy boy fags make up. B) You wrote: “you naturally assume that the aggressor was a stronger, faster, and smarter male or female (well not smarter than a dolphin but smarter than white person) minority.” I literally cannot respond to this “sentence” (?) because it fits into no rule of human grammar since the time the first ape walked on only its hind legs. I can only assume that the ape that finally did walk upright was many eons ahead of your mammy’s and pappy’s evolutionary platform. C) “You’re” as in “you are”. D) I’m plenty cheerful since you and all your hatchlings will forever work for someone who works for someone who works for someone, and who then still works for someone else who works for me, and such that the someone who you and your troop of primates directly report to will forever bark orders at you and your entire family class by virtue of the laws of nature where intellect rules over the dumb and subordinate. Your grandmammy and grandpappy fell out of the tree WAY too early, before they were ripe. E) Oh for heaven’s sake, no! Please don’t feel bad. No hard feelings at all, are you kidding? You can absolutely relax. I enjoy a howl from the help once-in-a-while. It reminds me how far ahead of you my people and I am. In fact it’s entertaining.

      P.S. Now imagine this. You made so many mistakes in a short 3-sentence paragraph that it took me all of the above to point out each of them. And yet somehow n!ggers are superior? Hm.

    6. @Anon reply 1; @Anon reply 2: Just to further underscore the hilarity (emphasis on how ‘hilarity’ almost reminds us of ‘HIllary’, eh?), check out comments by Anon 3 and Drengi. You see? “You see what happens, Larry?!” Stupid literally needs no help at all. It just does what it does.

    7. Wow. You turds need a life. No new post in 3 days and you lose your shit and start trying to habe philosophical debates on a satire website. Get a life. Get some pussy. Get drunk or high. There’s got to be something more constructive you can do with your time than this

    8. oh yeah, what you guys are doing.

      “But ‘Murica is great waaaah waaaah…”

      Your country fucking sucks, stop crying that it doesn’t…snowflake.

    9. if ranting = being insecure, does that mean you racists are so insecure about minorities actually being more competent than you while taking your jobs?

    10. If you consider Americans a race, I guess you could call me a racist. However, that’s not the case, even if your pea-brain can’t comprehend that.

    1. How did you waste your bankholiday?? Making idotic comments on a website. Goooo you!!!

    2. WTF is a mayday holiday? Is that when you take the reason you and your family are able to live and breathe thanks to Russians while pretending that eurowhores and Mu-UH-kuh had something to do with it?

    3. Please, without western $$$$, Russia would have gotten their teeth kicked in by Germany. Bunch of farmers and drunks against one of the most efficient killing machines to date. lol

    1. Many will whine about women being raped by illegals and Muslims because the last time they got laid was when their father came home drunk.

    2. Yet here you are, the only one that’s still ranting on about it a year and a half later. Deranged, much?

    3. Yes, you have Trump Derangement Syndrome because he’s slapping Democrats around and fixing the mess Barry left in Washington. You liberals GOT Trump BECAUSE of Obama and his eight years of regressive politics. It’s your own fault. The same voters who voted twice for Barry voted for Trump over Killary. America is tired of liberals and their socialist agenda. Stop calling people every “ist” you can think of and you MIGHT get the WH back one day…

    4. What is he fixing? I know you ejaculate at the idea of Trump “slapping” around democrats. But in reality, that’s not how democracy works. With democracy, a president cannot just say “do this” and make it happen. Republicans and Democrats alike have to agree on what he is proposing.

      That’s why the wall has become a fence, the fence has been paid with US tax dollars, the travel ban has been lifted and illegals are still pouring into the US. On the plus side, you have become the laughing stock of the world on voting a former WWE guest into office (Idiocracy ring any bells?).

      So congratulations and convincing yourself that you have changed anything lol.

    5. Fixing things? What, exactly, has he fixed? He’s given a massive tax break to wealthy people, filled his cabinet with the exact type of special interest corrupt administrators he claimed he was going to “drain the swamp” of and he’s removed all regulations that protect the air and water that your kids breathe and drink, from massive fossil fuel corporations that have long track records of destroying communities with pollution. Where are all the new coal jobs? Where are all the manufacturing jobs he was going to save? Where are all the new manufacturing jobs?

      Are you tired of winning yet, like he promised you would be?

  1. Maybe if you fucking faggots who run this site spend less time trying to come up with some gay ass caption that no one finds funny you will have more time to put up pictures/videos.

    1. Why? Just because you think so?

      Sorry dude, but you can kiss our collective asses.

      Here’s a pro tip: don’t like this site? Fuck off.

    2. Do you like the site, or do you not like the site? You’re sending mixed signals out pal.

    3. ^^ here’s a pro tip. Clean your faggot dad dick off before you put it back in your mouth

    4. You sure seem to be obsessed about faggots.

      Pro tip: Projection is one hell of a drug.

  2. There goes 3 minutes of my day. Looks like epic fail has no more to give. I’ll come back tomorrow and if there is no update, I will seek out a new platform to see my fails. What are some good competition sites that show similar material to this one?

    1. Wasn’t born yesterday franky baby, good one though, I like your sense of humor. As for anon, Eat a snickers buddy you suck at trolling when you’re hungry!

  3. @Anon 1: commas matter. Learn how to use them. Oh and by the way, anger only helps support the original comment.

    1. No-one give a fuck what you think, you pretentious fuckwit. After attempting to read your witless drivel, I’m baffled as to how you’ve developed such a misplaced superiority complex.

    2. Reply buttons matter, learn to use them you fucking fudge packer. Your stupidity just refutes the original comment.

  4. Looks like tofu boy got his veggitard ass handed to him. Paddle boarding pussy, I hope he cracked his head open on some rocks.

    1. Don’t be hating on your ex like that dude. You’ll find a new boyfriend before you know it. Chin up princess.

    1. Got no actual response? Whine about them clicking the wrong button, like a faggot (pretending to be two people).

    2. It’s difficult to take you seriously when you can’t even navigate a basic website and still use the insult “faggot” like a 12 year old.

    3. Like I said, got no actual response? Make a mountain out of a mole hill about clicking the wrong button and kid yourself that you’re an internet winner. Repeating it over and over again just makes you look even more like a sad loser, for everyone to see. Lol.

    4. lol I didn’t repeat anything. Your continued rage only demonstrates your lack of maturity.

    5. Rage? How can you possibly interpret anything I wrote as rage? You are as deluded as you are simple-minded.

    6. No non-retarded person could possibly interpret anything I have said as “rage”…and you saying it over and over again, doesn’t make it so, no matter how much you wish it were true, does it Einstein? You know other people can read your ludicrous comments, right?

    7. You know we can all read your failure to understand the irony of your comment, right?

    8. Except there is none, once again exposing your failure to understand how irony works. Carry on with your dreary, repetitive comments, though.

    9. Lets see you explain it then professor tard. Where was the irony in what I said, before you commented “oh the irony”.

    10. Clearly, you don’t know what ‘rage’ or ‘irony’ means. No non-retarded person could ever interpret anything I’ve said as rage. But you keep pretending it is to make yourself feel better. You’re kind of embarrassing, now.

    11. Clearly you don’t understand situational irony. As for your rage, well you’ve called me a “sad loser”, “Einstein” and “professor tard” in just this thread alone. LOL. It’s clear that your panties are in a bunch because your autism can’t handle conflict. I know it’s embarrassing for you to be called out, but life will go on.

  5. Yet here you are, the only one that’s still ranting on about it a year and a half later. Deranged, much?

  6. Great, you guys berated the admin so badly that he probably threw himself in front of an oncoming train.

    1. Admins need more guns. Arm everybody, hell even give the guns their own mini-guns so they don’t need to feel insecure like the average American.

    1. No more racist comments from the deplorable retards that haunt the comments, though. So, that’s a plus.

  7. There is already new material from EpicFail
    You just have to press CTRL + ALT + DEL several times in order to refresh the scripts.
    Have a nice day, you can thank me later.

    1. I view this site on my cell phone. I don’t see any “CTL + ALT + DEL” spots on my keyboard. Any other suggestions?

    1. Must suck living your life as a total and utter dipshit loser faggot who can’t focus on anything other than crying about a president, It’s quite pathetic.

    2. Who’s crying about the president? His twitter is comic gold. Are you just not old enough to sign up for twitter? Is that why you’re all grumpy and calling people names?

    3. Must suck living your life as a total and utter dipshit loser faggot who can’t focus on anything other than crying about people insulting a president, It’s quite pathetic.

      There, fixed it for you.


  8. I love the fact this place is full of third world shitters and one of you pyooks will inevitably respond to this thread.

  9. I’m extremely close to calling shenanigans here folks.

    First, some joker using the name “STAFF” tried to dispense bogus advice by suggesting people use the “CTL ALT DEL” button to view new material. Luckily my phone doesn’t have one of those because I now realize what the prankster was attempting with that little nugget.

    Then some GD comedian suggests I place my phone in the friggin microwave as if that’s gonna help. Well nice try chuckles, but I’m not falling for that one again.

    Post script, I haven’t confirmed this yet but I’m fairly certain the munchbox posting under “STAFF” doesn’t even work for EF. If my suspicions are confirmed I will be notifying the local authorities.

    Stay woke my friends.

    1. Anon- I never claimed to be rich. The park I’m living in (TEMPORARILY) has a 7-11 up the road a piece. I use their microwave.

      And my old nemesis “STAFF” oooh buddy you done fudged yourself. How could you possibly know you’re dealing with one of the only people in the world that is a certified expert in the taking of forensic screenshots. Every post you make is additional evidence. I’m just waiting on someone from the PD to respond to one of my voicemails or emails. Ta ta for now.

    2. Voicemails ? emails? Stop being such a nice guy with the PD ! You have to make them listen! Dial 911, go there! raise your voice if you have to, show them that you are in charge, dont take no for an answer. You do that and they will start to take you seriously, later, after you do that, we could discuss if the prision is enjoyable or not, ok?
      Have a nice weekend ! and remember; You are the men, show them !!!

  10. 1. What in fuck’s sake is all this ^ shit? All this from… swimming dolphins? 2. If Epic Fail is done for, good riddance. About time this shitty site died its long deserved death.

    1. Why? Because there is so much anti-American sentiment here? How about you buckle up, pull up your shit-stained Levi’s jeans and full-of-piss wife beater and grow some balls?

  11. So I guess this is Epic Fail’s epic exit? It’s like the Sopranos series finale minus all the talent, intrigue, bad timing and ultimately, a poor exit. Just a fitting end to an all-around befuddled site. Sayonara! You will not be missed.

  12. It’s funny. I visit this site more now just to see the comments on this thread. Maybe its a master marketing plan. Maybe?

    1. This whole topic is the best ever. Be glad you are taking part in history. This will end up in school books in ‘Murica next year. This is the one time Trump doesn’t say: “Fake news”.

    1. More like watching baseball… The gayest sport since the invention of synchronised swimming.

    2. Which is apparently not that gay, since baseball was invented over 100 years before synchronized swimming…

    3. Baseball has been invented before the internet.

      Therefore, baseball > internet.

      This is how reading your comment feels like.

    4. Reading your comment “feels like” you are a moron who doesn’t understand the meaning of “since the invention of”.

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