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  1. This is Rob Nunya — the original Epic Fail gangster come to bid you all one last ambassador’s farewell. Well, I guess that just about quantifies the whole of this entire website’s fan base doesn’t it? Approximately 200 people. And you were wondering why I left. ))))) I’d say it was fun but let’s be honest. It was sad and stupid. Cheers… for good.

    1. ☝︎☝︎ Actually, this retard’s comment quantifies the whole of this entire website’s fan base.

    2. Been following for quite some time. If you wanted more hits you really should have advertised more. You have more than 200 people that come on this site but you would need more content posted daily. Make it so everyone can post and not just the admins. make it a Separate page, people like to come to sites they can interact and do things with.

    3. is this really the admin? why did you not make an actual post saying farewell? the comments section?

    4. Nunya isn’t an admin you dopes. He was was the wittier. Funnier. More creative anonymous before anonymous came around. I remember Jason making a post that mocked nunya and him throwing a temper tantrum about it. Lol

    5. You guys own the domain Epic Fail Fucken Dot Com.. ya’ll better keep this shit going, let more users post more memes.. post more content, that or let someone else take over.. how ya’ll gonna let this shit die, and the farewell goodbye post is a joke! some fucken hidden message in a post about dolphins. I visit this site saturday mornings, and sometimes I skip a week or 3 on purpose, so when I visit I can spend an hour having fun looking at the jokes

    6. You are dumber than a box of rocks if you think any of these posts are from the actual site owner.

    7. Anonymous Stfu, you had no idea either until you read it off another persons post.

    8. Uh actually I did. Because anyone who has been coming here for years knows that Jason is the admin and Rob Nunya was just a troll. But congrats on making yourself look stupid.

    9. If this post is not from the site admin. then explain why there are no more posts since April 30.

    10. That’s an epic fail right there! Hey, Y’all, it’s achievable!
      Hey, if you can’t do it right, maybe losing is your thing!

    11. No, you are dumber than a box of rocks. If he’s not the admin, genius, how does his comment always remain as the first comment, you dumb fuckwad?

    12. ROFL are you really that stupid? First of all, this is the second page of comments. If you click the “older comments” link it will take you back to the first page. Secondly, this is how the comments always work, regardless of who is posting.

      Rob Nunya was a prominent troll on this site a couple of years ago. You obviously weren’t around then.

    13. Call me MissRetard again so I can drag you into a parking lot and give you a bj hands free.

  2. Wow only 200. Well that doesnt pay the bill. Thanks for the laughs! Thought there were more though….hmm

  3. This has been a daily stop for me for several years now. Thanks for all the funny videos and pictures, and also thanks for all the laughs we had in the comments. Good luck in the future. Goodbye, y’all.

  4. Maaaan that’s sad… 🙁 I’m sorry. I guess that is what people get from using addblock… sites dissapearing.
    I came here every single day, no shit! Don’t even know for how long, years and years! Gonna miss you guys! Seriously! Take care ya’ll!! <3

  5. Epic fail will be missed. Any one know any other good sites. collegehumor failblog all have original garbage content. i just want nut shots…

  6. The Golden State killer is captured, and EpicFail stops posting content on the same day….

    Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Reddit is the new source for content. EPICFAIL just took that content and put it in a format that was comfortable and easy for you to trash talk and throw the “N” around. The people who come to this site to do so have no life. LOL

    1. You just came to this site… to explain how people who come to this site have no life. Oh and it’s not the “n word”, it’s N!GGER! Glad to help.

    2. You’re such a bad ass for posting the N word while still censoring yourself. Please tell me how you got to such epic levels of bad assery.

    3. The site doesn’t let you spell out the word without changing at least one letter, so now what, you ignorant faggot coal burning, jigaboo defender?

    4. Ooh princess, you offended me so much with your nonsense that I will have to run away and cry now. One poor little girl can’t handle all your internet badassery! JFC sit the fuck down you little idiot. No one is impressed.

  8. I thought your name was Jason.

    Why you quitting you little bitch, not that hard to post shit between aime beatoff sessions. Give me password and money, I will do this shit.

    1. i doubt it’s him. the real admin would have left a message on the front page saying he had left.

  9. Rob,
    Please don’t go! I’ve been viewing your posts daily for years! If you need more members, I’ll happy sign up!

  10. i miss you epic fail, five years entering to this site!
    i will miss you epicfail, but i dont want to delete it in my favorite pages
    maybe some day come back
    saludos desde argentina my friend

  11. LOL, gotcha everyone. Of course I will continue, but I am on holidays right now. Actually, I’m thinking of changing the site so anyone can upload stuff directly. More news soon. Stay tuned!

  12. Whoever owns the site, I hope you’re well. I check in daily to get a break and giggle from my hectic work day. Thanks for all the laughs! I hope you keep posting but, I suppose you’re allowed to have a life beyond entertaining us bored folks. 😀

  13. All the guys who think, that there are only 200 visitiors because there are around 200 comments are quite dumb. Normally 1 to 5 percent of all users are commenting. There might have been around 4k to 20k daily visitors you noobs.

  14. Hahahaha )))))) Rob Nunya is truly the Yoda of trolling epic fail. As a last trick he gets a bunch of lowlife losers to believe that he’s the admin and then exposes a giant vat of basement dwelling beta humans to admit they visit this site daily. How fucking sad are all of YOU! Here’s a fact: literally NOT ONE of you who commented above about how you will miss this site and that you came here daily will ever amount to shit in life, EVER! Guaran-fucking-teed! LOL 😀 How pathetic.

    1. Oh no, a stranger on the internet is saying mean things to other strangers on the internet, what will we ever do? We have never experienced such a troll. Tra la la.

    2. Only stupid people and alcoholics say “Guaran-fucking-teed!” Go kick your dog or something, maybe that will make you feel better.

  15. Wtf!!! your farewell goodbye is an Epic Fail. if you are tired of posting, maybe let more users post.. fuck
    Also maybe make an actual post, and not some hidden comment in an unrelated video.. fuck.. wtf am I gonna do saturday mornings..

  16. That’s great there’s no more epic fail. maybe all you fuckin loser commenters will finally die too… fuckin idiots.

  17. I guess leave it as the last giant epic fail…
    If you can’t do it, maybe losing is what you are good at!

  18. This happened a few years ago where the site went null for 2-3 weeks. the admin was probably on vacation or taking a break or updating servers. Who knows. but hopefully will return. is a staple of my daily routine. I haven’t read all the comments so if this was already posted sorry!

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