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  1. Sup bitches. I see this place is still full of stupid idiots. Where’s Ralf? Lulz.

    Also Nunya is not the admin, you fucking retards.

    1. Says the faggot who also keeps looking to see if the site will continue. Who the fuck cares who the Admin is, Do you feel special knowing they are not the admin? Go suck some more dicks filled with A.I.D.S.

  2. Well here we are, on page 3, and Nunya’s comment is no longer first. Proving that it is not a “sticky” and everyone who believed he was the site owner is, in fact, dumber than a box of rocks.


    1. box of rocks is dumb?? nooooooooo. still didn’t find a useful replacement for epicfails

  3. If site owner is dead, he’s atleast six feet under now. This site is now a monument of one man’s failed life.

    Let this monument be as a reminder of how easy it is to waste a life.

  4. Thank you all for staying true to EF!

    As my sister Lesly explained, I was in an accident and I am currently recovering step by step. I do not yet have the strenght to post new Fails, but want you people to know that, when possible, I will definitely come back running the site.

    Thanks for your continuous support!


    1. Hi Jason,

      First, I hope you are the real admin, and not another troll (we all know how many of those there are around here.)
      Second, Sorry to hear about your accident, and I hope you make a speedy and full recovery.
      Finally, I am looking forward to more fails. (And laughing at the racists and morons trolling each other).

      From Canada (before anyone accuses me of being a stupid American.)

    2. You dumbass, that’s not the admin lol.

      The admin left this cesspool, there’s nothing else to it. I know I would do the same if my audience consisted of confused 12-year-olds who are stuck in the closet.

  5. The real reason the site is down cause the previous post button is on the other side as every other site that ever existed. Accident or not get your shot together…Jason

    Hope you feel better, though even if you felt like shit you could still steal shit off other websites and post it. I get bored you know.

    1. Ok.

      Your comment is still not funny and pointless. And come on, it’s the 21st century, we’re on the internet, so you’re not offensive either. Try again.


      Master Luke

    2. Your comment is saltier than the Pacific. Please show us all how to entertain. You gormless jew. HEIL SHITLER!

    1. good thing the owner ditched it then. if I had an audience this retarded, I would DDOS their ass.

    2. You’d DDOS their ass? Oooooooooh! You scary alpha male you. Everyone, don’t fuck with Anon here. He’ll DDOS your ass. You’re probably just another dumb n!gger with a chip on your shoulder. A chimp chip, hahaha!

    3. ^ That’s ok. As long as you manage to speak n!gger, you have another epoch + 100 generations to go before you can even qualify for that all-elusive title of idiot. Just keep masturbating in your own pile of urine and feces. We are SURE (!) that one day, one way or another. you’ll make it.

    1. Jason just said he got hit by a car and he’ll be back. Plus STAFF said they almost have the problem fixed.


  6. I hope does j-son be comming back, so me can have some funny time in dhe cave of my home sanatory. Me and me friends here be huge fans of gaga.. Booh.

  7. Why the fuck aren’t any new ones coming up in so long? If you’re not going to update drop the website. More than a month. WTF?

  8. If major bones are broken it’ll take at least 6-8 weeks, so calm your tits everybody!
    And, isn’t it fun? All of us,.. waiting together.. like in the good old days of the internet… aaaaaw…. the good old days…

    1. You’re so happy that the site died, that you just had to come visit it? Then comment? Okay then…

    2. Yeah, I enjoy visiting the site to tell all you faggots that I am happy that the site is dead.

  9. Hello I am the official admin of this here website. The person responsible for updating this site fell over while hoovering his apartment in the nude and accidentally got his penis stuck in the hoover pipe. Unfortunate I know, but these things happen.



  11. They ditched this site you fucking idiots. This is the result of your trolling and shit-posting. has also closed their comments, as have many news sites.

    Good job, once again the idiots of society ruin it for everyone. Well, at least now you have one less place to feel important lol.

  12. Hey pussys.. Just wanna tell you: only because doesn’t post shit anymore doesn’t mean I won’t visit this deplorable site anymore. I’ll be coming back and I’ll watch all the old posts again and again.. And I’ll even leave comments.. And sonetimes I’ll be voting fail or win.. So who’s the dumb now, eh? It’s sure not me, muahaha

    1. The original comment was banter, followed up by banter in the replies. Calm down Dr Phil.

    2. Now now, there’s no need for that! I don’t need to be here if y’all are just gonna be name callin’..

      I want YOU, to live a better life!
      And we can do this, the easy way – or the hard way
      But I’m not givin’ up on you!

  13. Another update from my side.

    As long at EF doesn’t give a 404 error, I’ll be alive.

    Once you get an error, I’ll be 503.

  14. Hey loser: If you are a real epicfailer, then you should go to the very first post of from April 2009, click on the comment section and scroll down. What you’ll find there might soften your grief after the death of I’d call it some kind of an epilogue, but as I know that you are a bunch of american hillbillies, let’s imagine it as some type of post-game bonus material. And now go for it and let me know when you’ve found it.

    1. This site is full of American rednecks, Russian trolls and Chinese internet addicts.

      No wonder this site is toxic. Bunch of communist scum!

    2. That was sobering and memories the comments before they devolved into a ‘Libtard, Trumptard racist lazy ass pile of horse shit that it is now.

      Actual thought went into the slagging.

  15. I’m currently migrating the contents of the site to another server. As I only have a 14k4 modem, it will take a while.
    Please be patient and the site will be up and running with new content in a few years.

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