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      Epitomising the musical ideals of sub-underground black metal – the kind of stuff that comes out in limited editions of 300 through vinyl-only labels based in a cave in Belarus. The exact requirements of kvltness vary depending on who you talk to, but usually involve icy, impenetrable production, black-and-white cover art, and concepts drawn from black magic, pagan myths or out-and-out nihilism.

    2. What the actual fuk are you two talking about? Reel it in a little… you are way too fucking millenial…

    3. Well if you baby-boomers would have spent more time raising your offspring instead of fucking each other in your own puke at Woodstock, then maybe you didn’t need to pop so many arteries, fuckin’ fudge packer.

    1. Hey Rob the Fag, I’m a bottom. I lure the dolphins by stuffing my butthole full of sardines before I go skinny dipping.

  1. So…… I’m really hoping this site continues, and that the show goes on. Heard the guy running the show was in an accident, if that’s the case, hope you’re recovering and can get off your ass soon to spread joy to the masses again!

  2. Accident? well… I guess you could call it that… he insert his dick in a blender, it was just a challenge and we all thought it was disconnected… long story short: there are still some pieces in that kitchen.

    1. site was great, people commenting, not so much. bunch of edgy neckbeards all vying for the alpha-male spot here at EF.

    2. That was half of it. The other half was butthurt libtards and obsessed eurotrash whining about the US…

    3. LOL I know you are talking about neckbeards, you autistic half-wit. You clearly missed my point entirely.

    4. Like I give a shit about your point lol. You really think I was trying to lead a conversation about something with you? Poor neckbeard, still thinking his opinion matter to people.

    5. Na, it was some liberals and alot of nobheads spouting shite. And Europeans slagging of easily triggered Ameraicans. Oh what fun that is. Just have to mention Flag or guns and they go mad

    6. You should give a shit about continuing to make a fool of yourself….lol. You’re not having a conversation but you continue to reply? K.

    7. you can talk to people without giving a shit what they have to say. why are you trying to be so fucking edgy? lol

    8. poor american, got triggered again now he’s trying to be as cool as possible so he can deflect from him being such a pussy.

      your father will never again love you the way he did when you turned 10 last week. deal with it.

    9. ROFL u mad bro? You’re “not having a conversation” but yet you keep replying….hahahaha

    10. sigh, I am not having a conversation with you dude. stop being so edgy and wishful, seriously. it’s cringy.

    11. At least Drengi put up a solid attempt at trolling. You just keep replying to tell me you’re not having a conversation with me after getting pwned…lulz

    12. I never Troll. Just having a laugh. Probably gona undermine my previous statements but I totally love the agro responses from Americans. You can bounce off them more than usual. It’s all love really. Have to have a good rant and you guys are the best at rants

    13. I am not having a conversation with you, seriously. I am just trying to insult you, nothing more, nothing else. Don’t flatter yourself you fat neckbeard with an inferiority complex. It’s not my fault you have to wake up every day knowing that the world laughs at you and your country.

    14. Hahaha, I knew your dumb ass would be back. Your insecurities are showing through your projections…you might want to take a look in the mirror.

    15. Only faggots tell other people that only people who say people are faggots are faggots.


  3. The server is still showing the same error: > ID – 10T … PLEASE REMOVE THE USER
    anyone here knows how to fix this problem?
    Your help will be appreciate it, thanks!

    1. ****WARNING**** This person claiming to be “Staff” is not really a staff member. I’m almost positive of this. Don’t make the same mistakes I made when dealing with this person.

  4. This video is no longer fun to masturbate to. Cmon admin let’s get some more boner inducing content uploaded.

    1. Just from this year!

      Aww fuck it, i’d still bone her. A hole is a hole after all…

    1. Well, we just had our annual membership extended for another $10.000 for some more trash.
      As it is not working, I guess this is our moste Epic Fail.

  5. Combo Ventures Llc is Epic Fail’s trading name who was taken to court for reasons unknown. Search for Yang V. Combo Ventures Llc.

  6. Someone look into this and report. Combo Ventures Llc is Epic Fail’s trading name who was taken to court for reasons unknown. Search for Yang V. Combo Ventures Llc.

  7. Someone look into this and report. Combo Ventures Llc is Epic Fail’s trading name who was taken to court for reasons unknown.

    1. Why have the owners of this website been taken to court, causing them to cease all activity? Why? And fuck the people the people that did it.

    2. CORAL! Why are you a dumbass? The site isn’t being updated because the admin was injured and is in recovery. Nothing to do with a lawsuit.

    3. I did google it, sister. “Reasons unknown?” It was a simple copyright claim settled a year ago. Not a conspiracy. Jason posted about his accident earlier.

    1. That was Fred, Jason is the dolphin. Jason’s friend, who was next to him is called Ian. We are worried about Ian. He has been hanging around sharks and snorting coral. Such a shame for such a young dolphin.

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