WTF did I just watch?


People Fail

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  1. ROFL! Daddy Longneck! That dumb little shit will tell girls to clean their tuna boxes!
    I knew that checking this site every day even though I said I was going to stop was going to pay off. It did. Kinda.

    1. Looks like you didn’t have enough bitcoin to buy the Presidency. Neener neener πŸ˜›

  2. What’s with the walking skeleton with sharpie’d on abs? You’d think by being that fucking skinny, his abs would be visible, and his lower intestines too for that matter.

    Anyway. What we’re looking at is 3 inbred wiggers.

  3. At birth I weighed more than the kid in the middle. (And I had more control over my head movement than the kid on the left.)

  4. I feel like this is an evil prank. I checked in on this site nearly every friggin day. After 3 months of the dolphins (which was pretty damn funny but not 3 months worth)- we are brain raped by this video.

    Please tell me its back for good and something new will come soon. I cant watch this one anymore. These clowns are starting to haunt my dreams. I cant even figure out if the one in the middle is really human, or if somehow skinhead tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber made a puppet out of a corpse and we just cant see the strings they are using to make it dance.

    Arrrrrrgh! My head hurts. I need a drink.

    Please come back and post something new!

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