The Most Awkward Stretcher Moments


People Fail

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    1. You are such a tard.

      Why all the hate against women Nice Panties? Is it because most clits are bigger than your ‘weenie’? Or because none will give you the time of day? Likely both. ( This is in reference to your post on the previous fail BTW )
      In any case you are still a butt hurt little weenie!

    2. I like little dicks, my ass-o is stretched so I cant even feel them. It gives me a bit of rest.
      Hey Nice Pantyhose — care to hook up?

  1. I noticed all the incompetent fucks trying to carry the stretches were NOT Americans, but a bunch of 3rd world shithole shitheads.
    Most of the hurt were soccer fags too. Fucking cunts.

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