The Most Awkward Stretcher Moments


People Fail

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    1. You are such a tard.

      Why all the hate against women Nice Panties? Is it because most clits are bigger than your ‘weenie’? Or because none will give you the time of day? Likely both. ( This is in reference to your post on the previous fail BTW )
      In any case you are still a butt hurt little weenie!

    2. I like little dicks, my ass-o is stretched so I cant even feel them. It gives me a bit of rest.
      Hey Nice Pantyhose — care to hook up?

  1. I noticed all the incompetent fucks trying to carry the stretches were NOT Americans, but a bunch of 3rd world shithole shitheads.
    Most of the hurt were soccer fags too. Fucking cunts.

  2. Two kids who became EMTs ended up killing an old woman on a stretcher in Plymouth MA, Wesley N. Garber was one of them, he was found guilty of not properly harnessing the woman into the stretcher and when she fell out she hit her head on the concrete, she died not that long after due to bleeding they couldnt stop, an injury she didnt acquire until the EMTs showed up. He was rightfully fired. A year later He gets hired by the same Town to become a Firefighter….. How do you help out a murderer? Put him in a position to save *Cough* kill more people of coarse…..

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