Summer Fails


People Fail

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    1. you are literally in the 1-percentile of stupidest people alive. Remember, bleach is just 7-UP with “love” juice. Drink until you see heaven.

  1. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former’
    Albert Einstein.

    1. You’re clearly not a parent, toddlers are sneaky wee fuckers. Parent was on it soon as the kid put the fish in her mouth, now go eat some kale or chick peas or something, and calm the fuck down.

    1. If your little dick could reach your asshole you’d be fucking yourself right now.
      Instead you need your dad.

    2. I prefer my homoerotic actions to be non fictional.
      Call me daddy and bend over and pull those Nice Pants down to your ankles.

    3. hey NP, thanks for the butt stuffing. it still leaks out but I try to keep it inside because I love you.
      xoxo yours truly, lulz

    4. Hey, I was here first Hirudinea! If you let me go first, then I’ll let you have a freebie afterwards. Pinkie swear!

    5. That sounds magnificent. Make sure that you dress up as a gay cowboy so that it feels like my favourite movie.
      My butthole is moist just thinking about it.

  2. Americans can’t even summer without fucking it up.
    Good thing they are isolating themselves, then they can rot on that drug- and violence-infested continent. Only sad thing is that the Canadians are gonna be dragged down by their stupidity too.

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