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How do they wipe their ass tho?

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  1. “How do they wipe their ass tho?”

    Simple: Let cunnilingusking lick and suck it clean. That filthy animal will love the smell and taste. He’s full of it anyway!

    1. Oh look! I have a fan club.
      I see you two homo’s took a break from molesting children to post that drivel.

    2. I can’t even write proper English and I am a little faggot who sucks daddy’s dick every odd night.

      On the morrow, my anus is gonna have a happy hour with 50% off of entrance free. So get your tickets, folks! My father will provide the aftershow party.

  2. Americans don’t wipe their asses. That’s why all the people you see at WalMart have shit stains on their pants.

    1. Should we be more like the French? The bidet is the only water to touch a Frenchman’s entire body.

    1. Can i lick his cream pie out of your butthole. That’s my interperation of cunnilingus. Guess I should change my name to gay-butthole-lingusking to reflect my sexual preferences.

  3. How in the hell do these people have money enough to do shit like this but don’t have money enough to keep themselves and their children fed and clothed? If my girl wanted to do something like this to her hands, she’d find out quick just how niggardly I can get about such things.

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