WTF did I just watch?!


People Fail

How many times did you replay this video..

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  1. I fucking hate this video. Not only is it stupid and not funny. It’s super creepy. This ugly fat pig looks like a little girl, but I’m assuming by the way she’s “dancing” she’s much older. Take this shit down.

  2. The person who just wrote ‘this ugly fat pig’ is offended by the content of the video… and feels entitled enough to say ‘take it down.’

    You sir, put the moron in oxymoron.

  3. Plx post more vids n stuff, a couple years ago this was no1 on my to do list b4 going to sleep, all i have now to do b4 bed is masturbate or fuck my gf… give me my laugh time back b4 fucking!

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