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i was reading some stories while drinking some raspberry juice, i laughed so hard it squirted on my new laptop. im now using windows millenium on a scrap computer ): EF

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I’m a lesbian because of Megan Fox. EF

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i gave my boyfriend boils…:[ EF

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last week I had a bad flu virus so I went to use my gym’s sauna. There was a cutie there I was chatting with, she went out for a min, and I had the need to let one rip. Unfortunately it was diarrhoea and it kind of sputtered everywhere as she walked in. The stench was horrific. Now im banned. EF

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Ok so i was at a track meet all day yesterday and i ate alot, ran my event, ate alot more,that we came back to my home town and i had to shit relly bad but we stop at a school thats near my house, i walk of & shit beside a trash can & walked home with shit on the back of my shirt&in my underware.EF! EF

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Does it make me a perv if when i hold baby i get rock hard?


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i got a package in the mail and the label was STD… EF

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