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to the guy who’s gf called him a noob in bed, next time, spunk on her face and tell her she got “pwn’d” EF

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During a homecoming parade, I was on top of the firetruck when I gotg mad at my brother. I jumped off the top to get away from him, landed on gravel, and I limped for the next two weeks. Football practice sucked afterwards. EF

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Before i’d ever kissed aboy, I used to practice on my dog… EF

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My friend said that they can fit a whole mars bar in their mouth, i said i could fit two, i bought a couple of bars and shoved the first in my mouth,and as i tried the second, i pushed back all the rest of the mars bar right to the back, and threw up chewed mars bar andd sick all over my shoes. EF

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Three weeks ago I saw my sisters bf slap her and I was to scared of him to do anything about it. They still go out EF

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To the fuckin person who keeps talkin bot apostrofes No one give ashtit about them!! onlyy peoplee who aint gettin laid!!! dumbb fuck!! EF

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I was playing d&d tonight with friends and one of the party members got knocked out by another party member trying to advance the plot… the who who’s character was knocked out almost ended up crying and didn’t want to play with us anymore… he is 22 EF

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