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i was getting beat up and i screamed I NEED A GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR EF

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i got arrested last night for possession of weed….while i was sitting in the holding cell, the cops at the station started blasting Because I Got High by Afroman…fail for getting arrested, win for a killer sense of humor EF

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I rolled my moms truck. on the up side I rolled it into her driveway. but now it is upside down and I cant get any of the other cars out of the driveway. EF

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I’ve didn’t pass my finals, I could fail 2 and pass, but I fail 8 out of 9 🙁 EF

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to the guy who failed with have sex through his gf period, you called yours a “twig” EF

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I Went To Applebees Tonight & Shitted & It Got All Over The Toilet & One Of The Workers Were In There & I Just Didnt Want To Leave That Burden On Them. But I didnt HAve The Tools To Clean That Mess EF

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My best friend claims to be a lesbian and tries to have sex with me all the time and gropes me when no one’s looking. I’m a guy. EF

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