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ive gone through ALL of the pages…twice
i need a life 🙁 EF

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as a black man, i just lost a debate to a white dude about the origin of the word nigger EF

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my direct deposit went in at 6am. it’s now 2am and i am broke for the next 2 weeks, lock up your jewlrey EF

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I went swimming and had my iphone and ipod in my pants 🙁 EF

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I just figured out my life sucks i just went through all of the fails on and and i read every story thats on this site, im never needed and there is never a place for me to be EF

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All my friends have had sex with the same girl, and I have never made a move on her even though I have known her since I was seven. EF

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All the white kids in my school think I’m mexican but I’m Costa Rican EF EF

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