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I’m mad ghey EF EF

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I called my friend a nigger, and there was a black person next to me. EF

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i know this girl who when she first started driving she was backing up and went to look out her window thinkin it was down but it was up instead and she smackd her face against the window EF

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hi:) (now that was a fail) EF

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I laugh whenever I hurt myself EF

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When I was 10 I was at a haunted house with my family. When we got done we walked thru the exit door. Once we got outside a heard a chainsaw start. I was so scared I took off running. I was looking behind me and ran square into a light pole. EF

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every time i go clubbing, somehow i end the night in hospital. last weekend it was from going through the windshield of a cop car running a red light for a chase. the weekend before i fell trying to climb an art sculpture. the weekend before that i had alchahol poisoning. EF

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